9 January 2013

winter light.

here is another look that I posted lookbook recently. It was mostly inspired by Bergman's "Winter Light" which I finished recently.. a really bleak and serious movie of existentialism and religion. This is meant to capture the austere and monochromatic feeling of the rural Swedish landscape, which I felt really strongly throughout the film.

a couple notable pieces: this dark charcoal cape I found that I am in love with. Capes are usually very hard to find thrifting but I have actually found 2 in the last week surprisingly. The sweater I am wearing underneath is also very neat. It is a knit charcoal pullover with a hood, but the really cute detail on it is this little pocket on the left arm. It's tiny and adorable, makes me feel like a woodelf.

the key hanging from my neck is actually belonging to my apartment.. it locks one of the storage closets in my apartment bedroom. I just roped it along a length of leather string.

Oddly these leather oxford shoes were sitting in my mum's basement. I must have forgotten them when I moved to Montreal. They're beautiful and have a nice rounded toe (which I am usually not fond of in oxfords).

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