16 October 2012


Travis Stewart (Machinedrum) is working on a new project with Jimmy Edgar called Jets, you can check out their track "Lock Lock Key Key" from their upcoming EP. It starts with almost R&B-influenced vibes, quickly moving into a nice rhythmic underlaying. Overall, the track is quite rhythmically complex, and avoids being repetitious almost whatsoever. The entire track has a great drive to it, becoming quite extroverted at times and then retreating to overarching synth melodies. The build mid-way through to the drop at 2:45 is GREAT, really well done, melding beautifully into more psychedelic synth sounds, and then becoming more mellow right after. Lots of variation, lots of colours in this track; more American-influenced sounds permeate the last section. Overall, highly recommended, check out the upcoming EP on Leisure System (LS004). 

Jets - "Lock Lock Key Key" (full track)

Also, the upbeat track "Come1" from Machinedrum (Travis Stewart)'s 2011 Room(s). It has this crazy energetic intro that is surprisingly 8-bit and vaguely video-game-influenced. It moves into a driving, percussion-laden track with overcast vocals; with a very long wind-down. 

"Come1" - Machinedrum, Room(s)

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