23 October 2012


A dub feature, for a change. EPROM is affiliated with Leisure System (Feldspar / Psycho) as well as Frite Nite ("Twerkul8" on their Surreal Estate compilation). EPROM's music is definitely one of the more influential dub figures right now, often with a distinct bass-heavy sound and lots of down-tempo work. Lots of influences here, some funky, some UK-derived, all menacing. Featured below is the excellent track "Feldspar" (Leisure System) and "Twerkul8" (Frite Nite's Surreal Estate compilation).

Eprom - "Twerkul8" from Frite Nite's Surreal Estate compilation

Essential track: "Feldspar" from Feldspar / Psycho (Leisure System)

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